About Ci3’s Sales Management Solution

Ci3 offers state-of-the-art sales management system that not only provides with an organized sales pipeline for your business, but also ensures traceability over the whole process

Why Ci3 Sales Management solution?



Ci3 provides you with best inventory management solution which can be accessed from different locations to easily track your goods

Optimal Inventory

Ci3 helps you maintain optimal stock levels so that your company has never too less or too much of any products that are required to achieve your sales target

Cost Efficiency

Our solution helps you cut down on your inventory expenses by providing you complete visibility of what exactly is needed to hit your sales target

Boost your success rate

Sell faster with Ci3 by staying on top of your sales pipeline. Automate operations and focus on customer relationships and revenue

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Top Features

Advanced Sales’ Operations

Improve your business operations as a whole; substitute all touch points with barcode scanners, reduce errors in operations and increase efficiency. Ci3 has an option to use barcode scanners for all inventory operations such as incoming shipments, packing orders, etc. for structured inventory management.

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Powerful Insights

Make smart business decisions through powerful insights on how much, when and which products need to be replenished. Use the predefined dashboards or build your own filters and queries to come up with reports that summarize the sales activity and trends.

More Features

Easy to Use

Ci3 offers easy to use interface that helps employee get more work done in less time. With Ci3, we bring you an intuitive and modern navigation interface that takes almost no time at all to work and get familiar with.

Integration with Existing Data

Eliminate operational inefficiencies caused by manual data reconciliation; Ci3 seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, digitize your manual data and brings all features together through one window operation.

Highly Customizable & Scalable

Ci3 is highly customizable and scalable ERP solution, suitable for business of any size. Our sales management solution supports multiple units of measures and can automatically make conversions for you while doing transactions

Inventory Valuation

Prevent stockouts and manage warehouses effectively; Ci3 helps you to keep the required balance of inventory based on your stock turnover. Ci3 supports both periodic (manual) / perpetual (automated) inventory valuations & more!

Unleash your growth potential

Ci3 delivers next generation on-demand enterprise business applications for a wide-array of industries

Our Clients

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