About Ci3's Financial Management Solution

Being among the best accounting software for small business to large companies, Ci3 offers a complete business accounting software solution for your organization

Why Ci3 Financial Management solution?


International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

With Ci3, all your financial reports are based on IFRS standards such as balance sheets, profit and loss report, cash flow statements & more!

Smart Reports

With Ci3’s intuitive reporting solution, spend more time on data analysis and lesser time on data consolidation

Easy Reconciliation

Ci3 moves you away from manual reconciliation and automate your process through our built-in reconciliation workflows


Ci3 makes it easy for your business to meet the legal obligations by computing tax based on required regulatory requirements

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Top Features

Accounts Receivable & Payable

Ci3 helps you manage your accounts receivables and payables to ensure timely settlement of accounts. Ci3 uses a single accounting software solution for all accounts receivable and accounts payable entries. You can create separate accounts per customers or suppliers, if required. As transactions are associated with customers or suppliers, you get reports to perform analysis per customer or supplier such as customer statement, revenues per customers, aged receivables / payables & more!

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Builtin Taxation

Ci3 makes it easy for your business to meet the legal obligations by computing tax based on required regulatory requirements. Ci3’s ERP platform sums up all of your accounting transactions for your tax period and uses these totals to calculate your tax obligation. You can also easily compute your sales tax by running Ci3’s built-in Tax reports.

More Features

Double-entry bookkeeping

Adopt double-entry bookkeeping; Ci3 ensures accurate financial reporting, reduces errors and fraudulent activity. Ci3 helps you automatically create all behind-the-scenes journal entries for each of your accounting transactions.

International Accounting Standards

Promote transparency, accountability and efficiency in your business; Ci3 facilitates decision regarding investment opportunities, risks and capital allocation with its globally accepted accounting standards.

Accrual and Cash Basis Methods

Ci3 offers simplified tracking of your cash flows; record all your revenues and expenses in real-time with accrual and cash based accounting methods. Ci3 supports both accrual and cash basis reporting.

Business Intelligence

Ci3 brings financial transparency with customizable performance reports. Our ERP platform allows you to create a dynamic, fully customized dashboard to view and share your company’s performance.

Unleash your growth potential

Ci3 delivers next generation on-demand enterprise business applications for a wide-array of industries

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